Somerset County Indoor Bowls Association

County Fixtures - Season 2020-2021

County Friendly Matches with Somerset 2020/2021 season  

It is with regret that I must advise that Somerset I.B.A. have taken the decision this morning to cancel all friendly fixtures for the 2020/2021 season.

The decision was made in the current coronavirus restrictions with clubs and on players.

 1.The number of players availability to play.

 2. Travelling to venues would be difficult with no car sharing.

 3. Possibility of no catering.

 4. Having to travel in your playing kit with no changing rooms available. 

It is my wish that we keep the dates for this year and carry them over to 2021/2022 with the hope that we may have a vaccine by the spring of next year and every thing can return to normal, stay save, keep well and we all look forward to seeing you in 2021/2022 season.  

Yours sincerely  

David Harding  

S.C.I.B.A.   Fixture Secretary



SUNDAY          25th OCTOBER             GLOUCESTERSHIRE***      TAUNTON DEANE    6    14.00      26TH SEPT

FRIDAY            30th OCTOBER              BERKSHIRE***                    WEST BERKS C         6     14.00     26TH SEPT

WEDNESDAY  4TH NOVEMBER           CORNWALL***                   TAUNTON DEANE    6     13.30     19TH OCT

SUNDAY         15TH NOVEMBER          INDOOR PATRONS             TAUNTON DEANE    6     14.00     19TH OCT

SUNDAY         22ND NOVEMBER         DORSET***                          MOONFLEET             6     14.00     19TH OCT

SUNDAY           6th DECEMBER           HAMPSHIRE***                   TAUNTON DEANE    6     13.30     16th NOV

THURSDAY     10th DECEMBER           CORNWALL***                   NEWQUAY C             4     13.00     16th NOV

SUNDAY          13th DECEMBER           INDOOR PATRONS             TAUNTON DEANE    6     14.00     16th NOV


SUNDAY            3rd JANUARY               WILTSHIRE***                    NORTH WILTS           6     14.00      14th DEC

SUNDAY          10th JANUARY               DORSET***                         TAUNTON DEANE    6     14.00      14th DEC

WEDNESDAY  20th JANUARY               CORNWALL***                  TAUNTON DEANE     6     14.00      14th DEC

SATURDAY      23rd JANUARY               DEVON***                          ISCA                            6     14.00      14th DEC

SATURDAY      30th JANUARY               WILTSHIRE***                   TAUNTON DEANE     6     14.00      25th JAN

SUNDAY           7th FEBRUARY              OUTDOOR EXECUTIVES    TAUNTON DEANE     6     14.00      25th JAN


THURSDAY     18th FEBRUARY              SWCIBA                               ILMINSTER                 6     14.00      25th JAN

SATURDAY     27th FEBRUARY              DEVON***                          TAUNTON DEANE     6     14.00      25th JAN

SATURDAY       6th MARCH                   GLOUCESTERSHIRE***      MID GLOS                  6     14.00      22nd FEB

MONDAY            TBC                             DEVON TOURISTS               TAUNTON DEANE    6      13.30     22nd FEB 

SUNDAY         21st MARCH                    BERKSHIRE***                    TAUNTON DEANE    6     14.00      22nd FEB

WEDNESDAY   7th APRIL                       WORCESTERSHIRE***        MALVERN C              6     14.00      22nd FEB

FRIDAY              TBC                               OUTOOR PATRONS             TBC

FRIDAY              TBC                               OUTDOOR EXECUTIVE        TBC