Somerset County Indoor Bowls Association

S.C.I.B.A. UNDER 25's FIXTURES 2018-2019

Congratulations to the Under 18s mixed triples team on reaching the finals in Nottingham to defend their title on 21st March
President Graham Lewis

SOMERSET U25 Beat ESSEX  36  x   35
Congratulations from President Graham Lewis


06-Oct-19 Sunday Get together/ Coaching Taunton Deane I.B.C. 10.00am 6 GREYS  
20-Oct-19 Sunday Taunton Taunton Vivary I.B.C 2.00pm 3 WHITES  
09-Nov-19 Saturday Yeovil IBC Yeovil 10.00am 3 WHITES  
10-Nov-19 Sunday Tanuton Deane Taunton Deane I.B.C. 2.00pm 4 WHITES  
07-Dec-19 Saturday Disability Bowls England Taunton Deane I.B.C. 2.00pm 4 WHITES  
22-Dec-19 Sunday Wiltshire U25's D Rink Clarrie Dunbar 2.00pm 2 GREYS  
04-Jan-20 Saturday U18's D Rink / Devon Wiltshire I B C 1.30pm 2 GREYS  
12-Jan-20 Sunday Ilminster Ilminster I.B.C. 2.00pm 3 WHITES  
25-Jan-20 Saturday U18's D Rink / Dorset Mid Devon 1.30pm 2 GREYS  
26-Jan-20 Sunday Devon Mid Devon 2.00pm 4 WHITES  
01-Feb-20 Saturday U18's D Rink / Wilts Dolphin I.B.C 1.30pm 2 GREYS  
29-Feb-20 Saturday Puriton Puriton I.B.C. 2.00pm 2 WHITES  
01-Mar-20 Sunday Devon Taunton Deane I.B.C. 2.00pm 4 WHITES  
14-Mar-20 Saturday UNDER 16 SINGLES Taunton Deane I.B.C. 9.00am 6 GREYS  
TBC TBC St Andrews St Andrews I.B.C. TBC 3 WHITES  
TBC TBC Isle Of Wedmore Isle Of Wedmore I.B.C TBC 2 WHITES